Zoho One: All in One Pricing for Zoho Apps

Zoho One: All in One Pricing for Zoho Apps

Zoho One is an all-in-one suite of applications to help small businesses run essentially all aspects of their operations.

Think of Zoho One as a bundle of existing Zoho applications delivered in one central place, with an exciting pricing model that small businesses will love.

It includes more than 35 integrated software applications and an equal number of mobile apps. Zoho’s applications range from accounting to inventory management, from CRM to help desk, from recruiting to HR management, and more. The price includes access to the full-featured enterprise versions of each software application, also.

Zoho One features a single login for each employee. Companies get centralized billing and administrative control for their organizations.

Here is the exciting part — the price is just $35 per user per month, if billed annually. You must buy a license for every worker who uses Zoho One.

If you were to purchase each application separately, it would cost roughly $2,800USD.

So why is Zoho offering a price break?  Bob Vander-Wal from Sunshine Business Systems said “Zoho products are ideal for small and medium sized businesses. While other software providers have a big business mentality, Zoho includes smaller businesses in its core strategy”.


The Strategy Behind Zoho One

This all-encompassing system should make the whole spectrum of Zoho offerings more appealing. For businesses that previously rationed their use of business apps, the pricing structure for Zoho One makes it easy to switch to using all Zoho apps.

The traditional approach to integration involves large budgets and armies of expensive IT consultants to integrate application silos from multiple vendors, making powerful software the privilege of large companies with deep pockets. Zoho One brings this power to every business, without the complexity and price tag of the past.

One of the advantages of Zoho products is their seamless integration. That means you don’t have to separately figure out how to make your CRM share data back and forth with your live chat or accounting software.

“With Zoho One, customers are not just licensing apps they need to run their business. They are licensing peace of mind. With the complexity of running multiple applications taken out of their way, customers can focus on their core business,”

Convenience is a large part of the appeal. Zoho One simplifies the buying process, and not just for the great pricing. The more apps you use under the Zoho One umbrella the easier it should be to get customer service when you need it, as you have just one vendor to deal with. Invoicing and servicing are more attractive, too, as it’s much easier to deal with a single vendor. And the apps underneath the Zoho One umbrella should be easier to work across, as opposed to applications from multiple vendors with loose or no integrations at all, making it more productive and efficient to get things done.


Zoho Concierges

Zoho One is about more than consolidated pricing and administration. The company also architected changes to the software under the hood to provide an integrated experience.

Zoho currently offers suites of its products. For instance, Zoho CRM Plus is the company’s customer engagement bundle, offering access to nine applications for one price.  Zoho One, however, takes the bundling model to the next level, giving access to all applications.

For businesses interested in testing out Zoho One, the product is available worldwide today. There’s a 30-day free trial. Click here to access the free trial https://zurl.co/Ziod

Zoho is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with locations in four other countries. Zoho today serves 30 million users across hundreds of thousands of organizations.

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