Get your share of the Government’s business grants


Queensland Government grants are fantastic for local businesses – a nice little cash injection can be all a fledgling business needs to crack the market, or the boost a bigger business needs to get a leg up on its competitors. But which grant suits your business? And how the heck do you even apply? Read on to make sure you don’t miss your chance…

Small Business Grants

Digital Grants Program; Small Business Entrepreneurs Grants Program

Eligibility: the business must have fewer than 20 employees, and a turnover of under $2 million. The Entrepreneurs Grant has an additional caveat – the business must have been registered for under four years.

How much? The Digital Grant provides for up to $10,000 and the Entrepreneur Grant up to $5000. Businesses need to match the amount of the grant, to pay for half the cost of the

project. Therefore, the total project cost can be up to $20,000 or $10,000.

When can I apply? It’s expected they’ll be released around September/October 2018, but you may want to start preparing for the application now – these grants are usually only open for a couple of weeks after they’re released.


Larger Businesses

The Business Growth Fund

Eligibility: businesses must have traded for a minimum of three years and have a minimum turnover of $500.000

How much? It provides for a grant of up to $50,000 and the business only needs to provide 25% to 50% of the total project cost: so, your total project could be up to $75,000 to $100,000.

When can I apply? Applications for the Business Growth Fund can be applied for at any time. The Fund is specifically for businesses with the capacity to access finance to fund the growth of

their business, and for a clearly defined opportunity to grow the business.


Acquittal of grants is an easy process: normally you just need to provide a receipt to show you have paid for the project, and then the Government reimburses you for half the cost.


How I can help

I’ve worked with many of my clients to apply for – and win! – grants. In the past, my clients have used their grants to pay for computer hardware, software and implementation costs, tax advice, business advice, and marketing advice.


If you’re thinking about applying for one of these grants, or simply just want to get some more information about their benefits, please give me a call on 07 5353 0169. It’s free, no obligation, and I’m always happy to help out a fellow business owner.